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Monday, March 10, 2014

Jazz in The Georgian, March 7, 2014

On Friday, March 7, 2014 we had the introduction of fabulous accordion player Hugh Sutton make his first appearance in The Georgian at The Fairmont Olympic Hotel in the heart of downtown Seattle.  I met Hugh at a jam session party just after the New Year in early January.  Hugh's dexterous accordion playing stood out in a room that had many fine musicians that evening.  We exchanged numbers and a few weeks later connected.  A discussion of many songs we knew in common revealed that we could work together.

We had a sparse crowd this night in The Georgian.  But those who were present heartily voiced their approval as well as the restaurant wait staff who have heard all of the stellar jazz players that visit this extraordinary fine dining room on a regular basis.  Hugh again stood out as well in The Georgian.

Hugh is a native Seattleite.  He went to Summit K-12 school and attended Cornish College of the Arts 1986-1989 as a pianist.  Hugh performs regularly several times a week in Seattle.

Here are a couple highlights from our gig.

This is a fine Antonio Carlos Jobim song called How Insensitive:
How Insensitive

This is a cool version of Wayne Shorter's Footprints:

It was a treat to have the the sound of the accordion in The Georgian especially expressed with the fine skill and musicianship that Hugh brings.  We will be looking forward to more of Hugh Sutton as I am confident the dining guests of The Georgian will be finding out.

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