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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Special Event: wedding reception celebration at Pan Pacific Seattle Hotel

Pan Pacific Seattle Hotel

On Thursday, October 2, I had the privilege of providing my jazz trio for a wedding celebration event at Pan Pacific Seattle Hotel. The wedding was for Kate and John Holmes who actually got married earlier this year, but were away from Seattle and not able to celebrate with family and friends until now.  The bride's mother Kathi Jo Menzyk hired us to play for their happy celebration.

I have attended the Pan Pacific Seattle Hotel for certain events in previous years, and brought the same jazz trio to participate and play for a Seattle NACE monthly meeting event back in March of this year, this was the first wedding event we have done at this prestigious property. I was very thrilled to receive the call from Kathi Jo and also to be recommended by Adreanne Lewis the Senior Catering Sales Manager at the Pan Pacific Seattle.

Because the wedding had occurred earlier, this was not a typical big wedding party blow out affair. Our live music role was reserved to simply play "beautiful music" in Kathi Jo's words. Set in the swanky Lakeside Room we provided a sonic backdrop of hip jazz and swinging standards. This was a warm beautiful early autumn day that extended into the evening as the sun set and the backdrop city nightscape came into view filling the ballroom's large glass panel windows.  The Lakeside Room is a perfect room for special events that also has a patio for extended outdoor access.  It was a wonderful event filled with the warmth of family, friends, great hotel staff, and good people.

I was able to capture some of our performance of the evening of my jazz trio.  The gentlemen on hand with me are two of the best jazz musicians in town. John Hansen is a great hard bop jazz pianist in the style of Bud Powell, Mulgrew Miller, and Barry Harris. Alexey Nikolaev is a Moscow, Russia native who has settled in Seattle for the past 14 years.  He is an international world class saxophonist who has toured the world many times over and has played big dates with big name artists. It is a treat to play with him and John. These gentlemen are not only highly esteemed colleagues, but also good friends whom I enjoy their company as much as their performance. Here are a couple songs that we did. I love the backdrop of performing in the Lakeside Room. It looks like we are in a penthouse suite with the city lights glimmering through the sheer curtains. This first video is called Days of Wine and Roses, which was a good tune to set the swinging jazz mood for the evening.

Days of Wine and Roses

This second video is a real nice classy ballad called Polka Dots and Moonbeams. 
Polka Dots and Moonbeams

On behalf of the band and myself, I would like to extend a warm congratulations to the newly wed couple Kate and John Holmes. I would to thank Kathi Jo Menzyk for hiring us as the live music soundtrack for the evening. Also, I want to thank Adreanne Lewis for giving us the opportunity to play our first wedding event at the Pan Pacific Seattle!  I was very impressed with the whole staff of the Pan Pacific Seattle Hotel. Everybody from the valet attendants to the banquet staff and managers were as professional and classy a group of people I have had the pleasure and privilege to work with.  I would really like to thank Tara Zumpano, the Manager of Restaurants, Bar and Events at the hotel. She was terrific to work with and so gracious and helpful to the band. I can't wait to do another event at the fabulous Pan Pacific Seattle Hotel!

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