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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Smooth Groove Productions Special Event: Wedding at The Fairmont Olympic Hotel

On Saturday, November 24, we had the privilege of providing the entertainment for a big wedding at The Fairmont Olympic Hotel.  We have a Live Band and DJ package combo that we offer to clients that is the best of musical worlds.  There is the undeniably classy presence that a good jazz ensemble brings to an event that elevates it another notch.  A good DJ will bring excellent MCing skills with a savvy sense of what works to get people on the dance floor and keeping them there. We have such offerings from both musically different presentations.  The live jazz band is utilized for the cocktail mixer and dinner reception.  Upon entering the reception the guests are greeted with an upbeat and swinging sound and feel of our jazz trio to establish the setting for the evening.  The DJ is present to make announcements and to provide additional recorded music when needed when the band is on a break or a transition from the cocktail mixer to the dinner portion of the program.  After the band finishes the DJ takes over from there for the rest of the festivities and dance party celebration.

Weddings are complex events that have many different program parts that are arranged in a timeline that are hopefully executed smoothly and within its time frame.  Most of the work occurs during the planning stages, which takes many months to go from the initial idea concepts to the final production of the big day.  It is vital that every conceivable detail no matter how small is accounted for in a wedding event.  When an event such as a wedding runs smoothly it is because of careful planning and much thought.  Even the most thought out situations may still incur a glitch or an unseen variable, ie., a "wild card".  Experience is a factor when such unexpected things occur and being able to react fluidly and effortlessly in the face of a challenge.  Fortunately, for this night there were no glitches or anything of a negative nature with which to deal.  It was all a smooth groove.

A couple of Seattle's finest jazz musicians were on hand and are regulars in my jazz trio: pianist John Hansen and tenor saxophonist Brian Kent. 

Brian waiting for the next note to play.

John in the Fairmont lobby.

Here's a video clip of the jazz trio in the Spanish Ballroom Foyer.  We're playing Sonny Moon For Two.

Dinner, Dancing, and Celebration!

DJ Dave Roland

DJ Dave Roland is one of the area's finest wedding dj's.  DJ Dave was involved with the musical coordination for this wedding from the very start.  Many aspects of the wedding go through the DJ.  There are select songs that must be played for almost every particular program of the reception whether it be the first dance, parent/child dances, cake cutting, garter/bouquet toss, grand entrance, and more.  There are so many details that organization is key.  DJ Dave has got it all together.  The more I work with him--and it has been many years now--the more I appreciate him.  There are so many details that one cannot imagine or know that DJ Dave like other stellar wedding dj's are aware of and thus make an event go as smoothly as it does.  DJ Dave just does an outstanding job.  He is experienced, savvy, gracious, articulate, mature, and current in his song repertoire.  I came back later to the Spanish Ballroom to check on things after I had played in The Georgian with my fellow jazz colleagues.  What I saw was a sea of people in a totally packed dance floor moving up and down to infectious dance rhythms.  All the moments, photo shoots, rituals, dinner, cake cutting, first dances lead up to this moment of unbridled celebration.  This was what it was all about!  Dancing, party and joy!  DJ Dave had them going and going and going. 

Wedding planner and coordinator Krista Herman provided day-of wedding coordination.  She kept the program at hand flowing according to the timeline and was a pleasure to work with.  Dana Schroader the wedding coordinator at The Fairmont was great to work with as well.  A big kudos to all of the banquet and catering staff for their impeccable service and attention to detail that makes The Fairmont Olympic Hotel the magnificent venue that it is.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Kristina Dammrose!

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