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Monday, October 22, 2012

25th Anniversary Celebration Event for CKC Structural Engineers

On Thursday, October 18 we had the privilege of being a part of CKC Structural Engineers' 25th Anniversary celebration at Escala Towers in downtown Seattle.  CKC is an acronym that stands for Cary Kopczynski & Company, which is the name of the owner of this structural engineering firm.  The location where the festivities took place at the luxury condo high rise Escala Towers was built by this very company.  This was a grand affair that saw over 300 people in attendance many of whom were clients past and present of this prominent company.  Our role for this celebration was to provide live jazz music continuously throughout the entire event.  For many of the events we do, we are called upon to provide that special ambient touch that is upbeat and festive yet not intrusive to conversation volume. 

We had a great assembly of outstanding jazz musicians on hand: John Hansen on piano, Brian Kent on tenor sax, and myself on bass to form the jazz trio.  The duo that performed during our breaks was Paul Anastasio on violin and Steve Nowak on guitar. 

A special event is a complex undertaking and its success is made possible by many people.  I would like to express my thanks to Barbara Breckenfeld, CKC's marketing manager who was wonderful to work with and who undertook the overall planning of the event.  Carol Dole and Rebecca Dietz of Well Done Events provided event planning assistance to Barbara, Cary, and their staff.  All were instrumental in contributing to make everything run as smoothly as can be.  Thanks to the Escala Tower staff who were very helpful.  And a very special thanks to Cary Kopczynski who had told me that they vetted many musical acts and after doing so personally chose us to be the designated musical ensemble for their very special anniversary celebration.  We were very honored and grateful to be a part of such a terrific event!

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  1. This event seems quite interesting. Recently went to my cousin’s shop’s anniversary party at event venues Chicago. It was very entertaining and amazing. Had a great time there with family and friends. Best arrangements were done there.